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Tips for keeping cleaning products on hand in your holiday home

Summer is here: one of the most eagerly anticipated times of the year, as it’s synonymous with holidays.

Summer is here: one of the most eagerly anticipated times of the year, as it’s synonymous with holidays. It’s the perfect time for a change of routine and scenery.

For many people, it’s also an opportunity to escape to a holiday home – that second home that, sometimes, we don’t quite keep equipped with cleaning products. 

We’ve created this list so that, when the time comes, you’ll have everything ready. 

Broom and dustpan 

When choosing a broom, we often focus on choosing a head and bristles that are adapted to the surfaces we’re going to be cleaning (an outdoor broom, a broom for small spaces, a rubber broom for dirt that sticks to the brush fibres, and so on), but we rarely think much about the handle. However, it’s the handle that makes the difference for cleaning efficiency, and your comfort while sweeping.

Look for a handle that’s non-slip, offers a good grip, and has a width that comfortably fits in your hand. Choose between a fixed or extendable pole, depending on your height and needs. Most importantly, make sure it can be securely attached to the broom head. 

Choose a dustpan that suits what you’re looking for, too. And to organise this cleaning kit, don’t forget a broom handle holder.  

Bucket and drainer 

When you’re mopping the floor, you shouldn’t just have a mop with a handle that suits you. Choose a bucket that’s the size, shape and capacity you need, too, and, for ease of movement, go for a wheelie bucket. Most important of all, don’t forget to make sure the drainer fits the bucket correctly. 


It’s not just the cleanliness of the house that’s important – the cleanliness of your clothes is, too. Make sure you have a basin that’s the capacity you need. This cleaning product will become an essential.

Squeegee and toilet brush 

The squeegee and toilet brush are products that sometimes aren’t replaced as often as they should be. Don’t just check in on whether you still have them – check their condition and look for a design that best suits your bathroom. 

Recycling bin

One of the most important aspects of household cleanliness is the bin, or the container where you store your rubbish, from mesh bins to recycling bins. Look for a bin that suits your needs and, most importantly, your space. And don’t forget to recycle!

At Sp-Berner, we want to make your holidays easier. That’s why we provide you with the cleaning products you need to keep your home clean and tidy during the summer. Open up our catalogue and discover all the options at your fingertips: https://sp-berner.com/productos-de-plastico/ 


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