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5 deco ideas to liven up your terrace this summer

It’s the beginning of July, time for terraces and gardens! Does your terrace need a splash of colour, light or style?

It’s the time to transform your terrace or garden into an enjoyable, fresh space with that little bit of style that we like so much. It’s time to get outdoors and make the most of our spaces at home or in the chalet. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your outdoor space, you are in the perfect place. In this post, we present you with five creative, refreshing and economical ideas to decorate your terrace or garden this summer. Get ready to create a cosy atmosphere full of details!

Rest areas with cushions and mats

On your chaiselongue, your sofa or your armchairs. Create a comfortable and cosy seating area using cushions and mats. You can choose from a palette of bright, summery colours to brighten up the space. Place large cushions on the furniture and on the floor to create a relaxed atmosphere with the warmth of textiles. It will be the perfect place to enjoy a siesta in the open air or an afternoon of reading in the sun!

diseño cojines para jardin
cojines en el jardín

Ambient lighting with pendant lights, lanterns or candles

Do you want to create a romantic and magical atmosphere on your terrace or in your garden? You can achieve this with hanging lights, lanterns or candles. Garlands of white or warm coloured lights are ideal for creating soft and cosy lighting during summer evenings. You can hang them between trees, on the terrace roof or along a fence or railing. Lanterns are ideal for placing at the foot of the sofa or armchair. And candles are perfect for your high or side tables. With this lighting point you will create a charming atmosphere to enjoy your outdoor space even after the sun goes down.

Iluminación jardín
Iluminación jardines

It’s easy being green!

You can’t go wrong with green corners of plants and pots which create lively green spaces on your terrace or in your garden. Let your imagination run free. Place pots of different sizes and shapes and combine colourful plants and flowers. You can opt for hanging plants, such as vines, for a bohemian look, or large-leaved plants for a more tropical feel. You don’t need to travel to see nature, bring it to your terrace!

jardines con muebles Shaf

A parasol and voilà! Open-air dining

If you enjoy outdoor dining, a parasol is a must for your terrace or garden! Together with your lounger, your table and your favourite outdoor chairs, it will help you to create the perfect relaxation or dining area! As well as protecting you from the sun during the hottest days, you’ll add a touch of style and colour to your outdoor space. Complement the dining area with decorative details, such as tablecloths and matching chair cushions, to create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere.

comedor en terraza

Tableware that really makes a home

mesa de jardín

Tableware is a must as part of your terrace or garden’s decoration during the summer. In addition to adding a touch of style and elegance to your outdoor spaces, it always brings us closer to the comfort and warmth of our home.

Choose tablecloths and napkins in vibrant colours and summer prints to brighten up your outdoor table. Tropical designs, sailor stripes or floral prints always triumph because of their freshness and style.

Both clear and brightly coloured tableware and glassware can also make a difference in the decoration of your tables and corners this summer.

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