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Sp-Berner Cleaning Solutions offers a wide range of cleaning products made from more than 90% recycled materials.

A complete collection of broomsticks, dustpans, brooms, buckets and wringers, dustbins and other accessories to meet every need.

Broom handles

Discover a wide range of broomsticks and mops; non-slip, fixed or extendable.

The extendable handles are ideal for transporting and storing in small spaces. They adapt to all heights and cleaning needs in the home.

A wide variety of sizes, materials and styles to accommodate every type of user.

Now your cleaning routine can be an efficient and rewarding experience.

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Choose the perfect broom for all your floor cleaning needs.

Our wide range of options are designed to suit all surfaces. We’re sure you’ll find a broom that’s just right for you. 

Basic, dual action, bumper, small space, outdoor, delicate floor and rubber brooms.

They are designed to make sweeping efficient and effective, leaving your floors spotless in the blink of an eye.

Quality and comfort for a cleaner and cosier home.



The dustpan is the ideal complement to any broom and handle set and is designed to help you finish sweeping without leaving debris on the floor.

Our range of dustpans includes an assortment ranging from the most basic to the anti-tip or professional dustpan featuring a rear base and a side brush for a perfect finish.


Buckets and wringers

Our catalogue of cleaning buckets encompasses a wide range of sizes and designs with and without drainer, including the basic 5L, 8L, 12L and 16L bucket as well as buckets with wheels for greater ease of movement.

Mopping systems such as the new Tornado bucket, featuring a foot pedal for easy and effortless wringing, are one of the new additions to our cleaning collection.

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Here you can find toilet brushes, toilet roll holders and multi-purpose wastepaper baskets. Also included are basins, dishwasher brushes, window cleaners and organisers.

There are all kinds of accessories to make sure you have everything under control in every room of your house.

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Waste bins

We offer a complete range of pedal bins, recycling bins and community bins.

Choose from our basic 8L, 20L and 22L pedal bins, as well as any of our 70L recycling bins to help you conveniently separate your household waste.

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