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B2B solutions for promotional furniture

Specialists in personalised and customised promotional furniture solutions

Sp-Berner POS Advertising is the strategic division of the Sp-Berner Plastic Group that specialises in the manufacture of promotional furniture for bars, terraces, and restaurants.

Customers include leading brewers and other beverage producers in the international market.

Sp-Berner also controls the manufacturing process of its own recycled raw material. With its proprietary recycling plant, the company manufactures its own recycled material from plastic waste. Thanks to the Sp-Endless Lifecycle technology, Sp-Berner collects obsolete furniture and converts it into new recycled raw material. This is then used to create new sustainable furniture in a circular economy environment.

Sp-Berner is able to provide its customers with end-to-end service. The company controls 100% of the supply chain, starting with the manufacturing process and ending with the product’s delivery to its final destination.

providing customised solutions

Sp-Berner has more than 35 years of experience providing customised solutions in promotional furniture. Each year the company manufactures furniture for more than 150,000 bar terraces in Spain, taking its clients’ brand visibility to the next level.

Sp-Berner Success Story Mahou San Miguel

In 2020, Sp-Berner won the Mahou San Miguel competition for sustainable terraces 2023-2025

Lola Chair

The Lola collection is a terrace set created by renowned designer Andreu Carulla. In collaboration with Sp-Berner's engineering, moulds and tooling departments, the designer has worked to bring Mahou San Miguel's new sustainable terraces to life.

An innovative collection that was awarded the prestigious Delta Bronze Design Award in 2022 for its excellence in terms of design and its contribution to sustainability. Lola is the perfect choice for elegant and environmentally friendly furniture for outdoor spaces.

Made entirely from recycled material, this collection is an environmentally friendly option that stands out for its commitment to sustainability.

With the Lola collection, Mahou offers elegant and functional furniture that actively contributes to waste reduction while promoting responsible consumption practices.

This is a conscious choice that combines style and sustainability in its surroundings.

colección Lola para terraza

Alhambra Chair and Table

Manufactured for Mahou San Miguel by Sp-Berner, this model was designed by Inma Bermúdez and Héctor Serrano. The unique model with its geometric shapes was inspired by the Alhambra in Granada and reflects the expertise of its creators in collaboration with Sp-Berner's product engineering and tooling departments.

Mesa Alhambra

This new collection manufactured for Alhambra demonstrates a firm commitment to the environment. It is made from recycled and environmentally friendly materials that minimise the impact on the environment.

Its focus on sustainability includes its production practices, ensuring energy efficiency and waste reduction.

It is an elegant, functional and environmentally committed collection to furnish any space.

The collection includes a high quality, sturdy and 100% recyclable customised table, made of ECO board in accordance with UNE 581-1/2.

Standard solutions for promotional furniture

Sp-Berner Pos Advertising provides its customers with personalised advice based on their specific needs. Based on its product portfolio, the company recommends customised or standard solutions with the following product references.

Rooftop Chair

Made of high-strength recycled polypropylene.

Lightweight, robust and easily customised, it has become an indispensable addition to the outdoor furnishings of any terrace.

Mesa cobertura

Rooftop Table

Made of high quality and resistant ECO board, it can be fully customised by digital printing.

Compared to other solutions available on the market, it does not contain phenolic components and is 100% recyclable.

Its structure features 30 mm diameter laminated steel legs and a “Tricapa Covertech” finish.

Premium Table

Fully customisable by digital printing, this table is made of high quality and resistant ECO board that is 100% recyclable.

A number of innovative initiatives for bar and restaurant terraces

The Sp-Berner R+D+I team are constantly at work finding innovative solutions for promotional furniture for bars, terraces and restaurants.

Beer Chair

Developed for one of the company's customers, this initiative uses "bagasse", a waste product from the fermentation of the customer's own beer.

The bagasse generates a novel compostable biomaterial that can be used during the injection moulding process to create new environmentally friendly terraces. If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, just click here

Promotional material

If you are looking for a partner to develop new sustainable terraces for your brands, please contact the Sp-Berner sales team. We are happy to discuss your needs