Sp Berner

At Sp-Berner we employ more than 800 people in the design and manufacture of recycled plastic products

Teamwork in a sustainable environment

Passion, innovation, leadership, teamwork, customer focus and humility are Sp-Berner’s values.

We share a corporate culture based on collaboration and teamwork while developing the business in a sustainable environment.

Our Values

These values have been the foundation of our culture, defining and shaping
Sp-Berner for almost 60 years

We aspire to be the leading sustainable plastics converter in Europe, renowned for our technological innovation, design and the competitiveness of our solutions.

Igualdad integración

Equality and diversity

At Sp-Berner, our work environment is based on gender equality. As equal opportunity employers, we foster an environment where everyone has identical possibilities for development.  


Personnel training is an essential and key component at Sp-Berner.

We provide our employees with tangible opportunities through ongoing training in order to develop their professional careers. We are committed to the internal promotion of our personnel by giving them the tools they need to expand and grow in different sectors of the company.

In search of new talent:
Sp-Berner's Professional Development Programme

Sp-Berner has a strong commitment to society and the development of young talent. This is why our Professional Development Programme is our cornerstone:

Young Talent Learning  Innovation

The aim of this programme is for students to be immersed in the workplace in an on-the-job context. They will become part of the Sp-Berner team, developing skills, abilities and knowledge that can only be acquired in a professional environment.


Designed for students of intermediate or higher vocational training, university and master's degrees or postgraduate studies, these internships are for young people who are finishing their studies and would like to gain first-hand experience in a professional industrial environment.

With a minimum duration of two months and up to a maximum of nine months, this part-time scholarship will allow students to start their career in the workplace.

This is a future-oriented training programme. Our aim is to accompany young talents in their professional development, and to contribute our grain of sand to their professional training. Our welcome and integration plan is designed to help students adapt to their new working environment, to their colleagues and to our organisational culture.

As soon as they join the programme, a tutor will oversee the internship student. This will provide the necessary support for their personal and professional development, encouraging their work, progress and results.

Since 2020, we have granted a total of 32 collaboration scholarships to students from different centres throughout Spain, incorporating 9 of these students into our staff. The main areas of incorporation are technical areas (Engineering, Tooling, Maintenance, etc.), followed by areas of Administration, Quality, IT, Personnel, and others such as Lean, Logistics, Laboratory, among others.


At Sp-Berner we firmly believe that in order to create a healthy working environment, the health and well-being of our employees must come first.

With this objective in mind, we have developed our T-Cuidamos programme. This programme,as part of the company’s value proposition, focuses on promoting healthy eating and lifestyle habits in our day-to-day work. We take into account both the physical and psychosocial health of our employees.

It is a flexible and dynamic programme adapted to the needs and preferences of our team.

declaración luxemburgo

Get healthy

  • Dis-FRUTA at Work programme (fruit at all workplaces).
  • Informative talks on nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Healthy food in vending machines.
  • Healthy diets in the canteen service.
  • Natural water sources.

Get balanced

  • School voucher.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Extended hours for accompanying a child with functional diversity.
  • Family activities (Family Day, Open Day, Christmas card competition, etc.).
  • Physical therapy service in all our work centres.
  • School of Health with online lectures.
  • Top space where we celebrate awards.

Get moving

  • Pilates classes
  • Functional Training Classes
  • Sponsorship and participation in sports races.

Get aware

  • Psychosocial Assessment.
  • Harassment Protocol and Committee.
  • Equality Plan
  • Solidarity campaigns.
  • Communication and health care campaigns.
  • World Environment Day.

Get to know yourself

  • Campaign on Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Campaign Make tobacco go up in smoke
  • Health Surveillance.