At Sp-Berner, the cornerstones of our brand are technology, innovation, quality and sustainability

We are a fully reliable partner

The infrastructure of Sp-Berner's technical area is fully dedicated to developing R+D+i projects and initiatives.

The creation of this in-house Technology Centre is part of our integral product development process. This centre enables us to offer a complete R&D service, starting with the product’s conceptual design and ending with its launch onto the market.


at Sp-Berner

One of Sp-Berner´s major competitive advantages has always been its constant innovation. This is what enables the company to continue developing sustainable plastic products that improve the quality of home life for everyone.​

Innovation is developing unique and successful ideas that also provide added value.

Innovation involves applying creativity when generating new products and improving current work processes.

Sp-Berner implements innovation methodologies in all of its business processes to create new products with high added value.

Our innovation levers​

In its quest to develop new approaches to its work, SP Berner has identified five main lines of work.

Five different objectives from which to view reality and search for new products and solutions.


Nuevos polímeros, retos en la cadena de suministro. Nueva regulación.


Nuevos métodos de fabricación y nuevos procesos de prototipado. Personalización y digitalización. Inteligencia artificial.


Democratización del diseño, basado en la experiencia del consumidor. Aesthetic awareness, minimalismo. Cambios en las expectativas.

Ergonomics or functionality

Modularidad, flexibilidad.  Comodidad y confort. Accesibilidad e inclusividad. Reducción de tiempos.


Nuevos materiales más verdes (reutilizables, rellenables, reusables. Pay-per-use y Service Economy.

Our innovations are based on consumer trends and research into new materials, processes, technology and eco-design.

At Sp-Berner, innovation is defined as the overall process of converting an idea into a product or developing a new approach to working that adds value to the company.

Innovation spans all stages, from the creation of an idea until it reaches the market in the form of a new or improved product.

At Sp-Berner we provide our clients with solutions customised to their needs. By encouraging co-creation throughout the innovation process, we work as a team to achieve established objectives.

¿Cómo se alimenta nuestro proceso de innovación?

Sp-Berner's Strategy for Innovation: keeping the focus on the customer

Following the “A Day in the Life” strategy, Sp-Berner accompanies its customers for an entire day in order to identify any new product development opportunities that could provide them with solutions in their daily lives.

Quality Policy

of Sp-Berner

Certificates of quality

Sp-Berner ensures the quality of all its products and has been awarded the following certificates:

BRC PACK Certificado 2022

Certificate ISO 9001

Quality control

As a leading company in the sustainable plastics processing sector, SP-Berner faces the challenge of continuous and constant innovation in product quality.

Sp-Berner always strives for the utmost quality in all its systems and is strongly committed to research and development.

Commitment and the pursuit of excellence are the key to the company’s success. This includes the acquisition of raw materials, the use of the latest technology in the manufacturing processes and the final presentation to the consumer.

These efforts symbolise the genuine commitment of all the people involved in our manufacturing and development processes, making Sp-Berner a leader in safety and innovation in product quality.

Sp-Berner complies with strict and rigorous quality controls on its raw materials, processes and finished products:

En el laboratorio y en línea se garantiza que los materiales de origen reciclado sean tratados y aptos para su reutilización.
On-site and in the laboratory, recycled source materials are guaranteed to be treated and suitable for reuse.
Automated systems are incorporated into the production line to individually control the correct finishing of the final product.