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B2B solutions for the Horeca channel

Specialists in B2B solutions for Restaurants, Hotels, Bars and Cafes

Through our brand Sp-Berner we offer a wide range of products for restaurants, hotels, bars and cafés.

Basic products for the day-to-day running of your business including furniture, cleaning tools, storage boxes, lunch boxes, lunch boxes and reusable kitchenware.

Furniture and accessories for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterías

In a hospitality business, furniture and accessories play a key role, as they define the personality of each point of sale. For this reason, when choosing catering furniture, it is important to be clear about what type of furniture is most suitable for each area.

Our furniture combines design and sustainability with maximum comfort, resistance, and functionality.

Our hospitality furniture incorporates more than 70% of recycled plastic material from our recycling plant where, thanks to Sp-Berner Endless Lifecycle® technology, we convert plastic waste into new sustainable furniture favouring the circular economy.

Muebles y accesorios publicitarios
Almacenaje y limpieza para hoteles

Cleaning and storage tools for hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants

Our solutions for your business include options to help you keep your premises clean and organised. Our product range includes everything from storage and tidying boxes in a variety of capacities to brooms, handles, dustpans, recycling bins, squeegee bins and community bins.

Our collections are environmentally friendly as they incorporate more than 90% recycled materials in their composition, manufactured in our own recycling plant.

Reusable lunch boxes and kitchenware for hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants

In a hotel and catering business it is essential to have food well refrigerated and stored for daily consumption. Our portfolio of preserving containers includes different solutions from basic lunch boxes designed to store and keep food.

All this and much more!

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