Sp Berner

Glasses, cups and reusable plastic cutlery

from Sp-Berner Kitchenware

Sp-Berner Kitchenware features a product line of reusable plastic products such as glasses, cups and cutlery.

They can be used up to 20 times and are dishwasher safe.

We also offer a range of decorated cups and reusable cork cups with attractive designs.

All products are manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure that they are suitable for food use.

Reusable plastic glasses

A complete collection of reusable tableware that includes the classic glass of cava, glass of wine and glasses of different sizes and capacities from the combined glass to the soft drink and tube glass.

Reutilizables vasos y copas

Reusable plastic cutlery

Our collection of reusable cutlery includes spoon, fork, knife and dessert spoon.

The basics of any getaway or celebration.

Cubiertos reutilizables

Decorated and reusable
plastic glasses

You will love our collection of party glasses ,100% reusable and in packs of 4 units to make of each meeting a remarkable celebration.

Vasos decorados