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Enjoying life and relaxing moments outdoors is an activity that we like to plan in detail. An enjoyable experience to be shared in couple, with the family or with our people.

The Sp-Berner Campos Coolers collection is designed to transport and keep your favourite drinks, snacks and dishes always frersh from 8 to 15 hours.

Lightweight and ergonomic, available in different capacities and sizes. There is a Sp-Berner Campos Coolers cooler for every need from 5 L to 42 L.

In our collection of coolers you will find from the classic blue Campos cooler to the new proposals with summery and original designs decorated with IML. On the beach, in the countryside or in the city, make every moment a unique experience with Sp-Berner Campos Coolers.

Are you ready to discover them?

Classic coolers

The emblematic blue coolers that every year colour the shores of our beaches and campsites.

A collection that began to be manufactured more than 30 years ago that has become a must for all those lovers of outdoor life who trust in the quality of its finishes, its ergonomic and easy-to-carry design, as well as its great durability.

A classic that never fails with different capacities, from 5 L to 42 L.

Neveras clásicas

IML customisable coolers

For those who are looking for a cooler with a modern and fun look. Get to know our collection with designs decorated with IML.

A different option that offers the same features as the classic blue coolers, but with a fresher and more modern look.

A revamped version of our portable coolers for those looking for a touch of colour on their outdoor getaways.

Available in different capacities from 5 L to 29 L

Neveras IML