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Sp-Berner closes 2018 with a turnover of €159 million and a new logistics plant in Paterna

Our company, Sp-Berner, continues to establish itself as a leading manufacturer of industrial and consumer plastics.

We closed 2018 with a turnover of €159 million, a profit before tax of €12.8 million and an EBITDA of €23.5 million. This represents an increase in turnover of 4,6%.

We manufacture more than 1,000 reference products for 46 countries

We manufacture more than a thousand reference products for 46 countries and we are a specialist supplier for Mercadona. The acquisition and start-up of a new 60,000m2 logistics warehouse located in the town of Paterna, together with investment in R&D&I and state-of-the-art equipment, represented an overall investment of €20 million in 2018 alone.

Our major challenge at Sp-Berner: to recycle at least as many tonnes of plastic as we process each year

In our commitment to sustainability, our goal and major challenge is to recycle 35,000 tonnes of plastic per year. It’s a goal we intend to achieve in the coming years.


Since 2013, Sp-Berner has invested almost €100 million for the following purposes:

  • Achieving our environmental protection objectives.
  • Generating own brands.
  • Growing internationally.

Of all these milestones, our main investment has been in new plants and recycling processes (circular economy), implementing cutting-edge technology at our Aldaia plant.

In addition, we’re on track to be able to incorporate 50% recycled materials in our own recycling centres.


At Sp-Berner, we’ve been committed to innovation and sustainability since our beginnings, because we believe in the benefits of recycling in production. This is why, in 2016, we decided to develop a totally sustainable garden line: the Miami set. This successful example of a sustainable initiative led us to receive the European EPRO Award for Best Recycled Plastic Product,” explains Julian Escarpa, CEO of Sp-Berner.

Pure Recycled Plastic project

Procurement and export

The acquisition of the Italian company Shaf, a brand that sells terrace and garden furniture, as well as the creation of a new dental plant in Aldaia, have been significant investments for Sp-Berner.

Internationally, currently 30% of production is exported. Europe is our main customer, followed by China, North and South America and North Africa.

Sp-Berner is committed to talent and new technologies

At Sp-Berner, we focus on people. That’s why we’ve launched a “Healthy company” programme with yoga, Pilates and fresh fruit for the whole team. We’ve also arranged almost 11,000 hours of training for our more than 900 employees at our 5 plants.

In 2018, 67 new jobs were created, of which 11 were in the “Luna” programme. This programme was launched in the financial year just ending, and is aimed at attracting and retaining talent. It gives recent graduates the opportunity to work in a large company, and to train them as future leaders of the company.

In this line, investment in social media, our new website and online sales represent, as well as an economic investment, an investment in digital talent in the Marketing Department.

Apuesta por el talento


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