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Autumn recipes to take to work

Autumn has definitely arrived. And with it, we say hello to the cold, the wind and the rain. So it’s time to make a change to the ingredients we use every day in the kitchen.


Salad with sweet potato chips and pomegranate

Without a doubt, if there’s one thing that’s easy to make for your daily meals, it’s salads. You can combine them in a thousand ways, with different ingredients. To add a more fun and autumnal touch, we suggest including crispy sweet potato and pomegranate, one of the key fruits for the coming months.


Pumpkin and leek cream soup

Pumpkin cream soup is one of the most basic dishes that can’t be missed off your menu in autumn and winter, as it’s a seasonal vegetable.

You can also add toppings such as a little sweet paprika, pumpkin seeds, or a drizzle of olive oil.


Lentils with potato and rice

Pulses are a source of energy and, with the arrival of cold weather, they’re a comfort food dish that can’t be missed out. And, if you cook them with a vegetable sauce base, their flavour will be way richer.


Mushroom risotto

Mushrooms have long been famous for being risotto royalty. A selection of assorted mushrooms and good-quality rice will give you an excellent result. It’s an easy-to-transport dish with an incredible flavour.

Airtight containers, perfect for food storage

At Sp-Berner, we work on our tuppers line under the Conservers brand name. The Twist N’ Go conservers are 100% airtight, stackable and nestable for easy transport. Ideal for taking your meal to the office, to university, or for your kids’ snacks in the park. The stackable and nestable format means they’re space-saving and easy to transport.


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