Sp Berner

Palet ONE®, the infinitely recyclable plastic pallet

Making the impossible possible

We use waste to turn it into new recycled plastic pallets, made from unique materials.


Excellent structural rigidity

Goods retention ceilings

Drainage system to drain water

Retractable retaining flange

Clip-on skate with anti-impact protection system

Removable skates (repairable)

Space to accommodate RFID in any of its 9 studs

Recessed guides to protect the clamping strap in pallet towers

Flat areas to customise the pallet

Special roughened surface for the retention of cardboard boxes

ONE® from Sp-Berner is a recycled plastic pallet with excellent structural rigidity. A perfect ally for heavy loads. Its composition allows it to absorb dynamic loads of 1,200 kg, static loads of 5,000 kg and racking loads of up to 1,000 kg.

The material used to manufacture Pallet ONE® is fully customisable to the needs of our customers. This material is formulated and produced exclusively in our own material manufacturing plant to achieve a recycled plastic pallet with optimum performance.

Through Sp-Endless Lifecycle® technology, exclusively formulated by our materials experts, we bring new, sustainable, recycled plastic pallets to life in a circular economy environment.

A recycled plastic pallet with customisable materials for efficient performance.