At Sp-Berner we will avoid the emission of 1,920 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year by building our own solar photovoltaic system.

Laura Puig
Comunicación en SP·Berner

Once again we are lucky enough to be able to say that we will once again be participating in SPOGA, the largest garden furniture fair in Europe! The event will take place from 19 to 21 June 2022 in Cologne (Germany).

As a specialist and leading manufacturer of sustainable plastic solutions for home and industry, we are taking a further step in our sustainability strategy with the construction of a new photovoltaic power plant.

The new photovoltaic power plant is located on the roofs of the production centre and headquarters in Aldaya (Valencia). Made up of more than 7,000 545Wp solar panels, it covers a total surface area of 18,300 m2, the equivalent of 4 football pitches. A facility in which 1.9 million euros have been invested.

With this investment we will generate 5,190,079 kWh of solar energy annually, which would be the equivalent of supplying electricity to about 1,000 homes for a whole year.

In this way, we are significantly reducing the CO2 footprint of our products, helping to minimise the products, helping to minimise the effects of the global climate crisis. In addition, we will avoid the emission of 1,920 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, which would mean planting 96,000 trees per year.

Work on this new initiative began in February 2022 and will be completed next
will culminate next November, with the facility completed and 100% operational.

This investment is part of the first phase of Sp-Berner Plastic’s Strategic Sustainability Plan.
Sp-Berner Plastic Group’s Sustainability Strategic Plan, which aims to extend this facility to the rest of our main production centre in Aldaya, as well as progressively to the plants in Torrente (Recycling Plant) and Chiva (Spalex).

Our objective for 2025 is to achieve that 90% of the energy used comes from renewable only from certified renewable sources.

Sustainability at the heart of our work

We are one of the pioneering companies in Spain in terms of sustainability and use of resources. For this reason, more than 10 years ago we invested in our own plant for recycled materials in which we transform used post-consumer plastics into new material to manufacture products that make life in the home easier for everyone.

In this sense, in 2021, 40% of the raw material used was recycled plastic, giving life to new products that make life easier for everyone.
recycled, giving life to new sustainable products. A clear example of
how to close the 360º circle in a necessary “circular economy”.

During the 2021 financial year, we focused our main investments on a new recycled material plant (expanding the previous facility) and on the automation of our production plants, continuing with the culture of reinvesting profits, in order to be increasingly competitive and sustainable.

With the installation of our own solar power plant, we take a big step forward in our work for sustainability, for the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint.


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