Tornado cleaning set, your new must-have for home cleaning

Laura Puig
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Sp-Berner Cleaning Solutions, our brand specialising in the design and manufacture of household cleaning tools, introduces the new Tornado Cleaning Set. manufacture of cleaning utensils for the home, presents the new Tornado Cleaning Set.

A solution designed to make everyday household cleaning tasks easier, avoiding unnecessary efforts and movements.

Designed by our product engineers and tested through our user panel, it has been user panel, it is designed to improve the quality of scrubbing floors in the home at a at an unbeatable price.

A smart system to save time and effort

The new Tornado Cleaning Set is composed of a bucket with a
anti-splash squeegee, which rotates 360º thanks to the rotary action of its side pedal. action of its side pedal.

This anatomical pedal is designed to replace the “traditional” manual wringing out with the manual draining for a faster, one-handed, effortless operation.

It has an ergonomic rotating handle that adapts to all handles without the need for any handles without the need for complex movements. In addition, its tilting head – left and right – makes it possible to reach hard-to-reach areas such as corners or underneath access areas such as corners or lower areas of furniture.

The set is completed by a 100% microfibre mop, which absorbs any type of liquid in just a couple of passes, and an easy-dump system to evacuate the remaining water to evacuate the remaining water.

Enjoy your free time twice as much

With the new Tornado Cleaning Set you will spend less time and effort on household cleaning cleaning tasks around the house, as you will be able to carry out the usual tasks quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy twice as much of your free time.

Tornado is a fully sustainable cleaning set, made from 100% recycled materials from our own recycling plant where we work in a circular economy environment.

Say yes to smart home cleaning with the new Tornado Cleaning Set. Tornado.

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