A sustainable model

For Sp-Berner, producing and selling is more than just an economic activity … It has other kinds of implications, such as developing good environmental behaviour.
We are committed to the conservation of the environment through the recycling of plastic products. To this end, we have created a section to shred and convert various post-industrial plastic materials into raw materials, and in this way use this material to create new products.

At Sp-Berner we are concerned about achieving and contributing more than less, obtaining our materials from more sustainable sources to preserve the scarce resources that remain in our environment.
Therefore, we have our own recycling plant where we recycle plastic that is later reused in new products, without sacrificing quality.

We pursue efficiency by creating value, using recycled and renewable resources, doing things well to take care of the planet and all life that inhabits it.


Creating objects, from microscopic particles, in a sustainable way that help us in our daily life. Thanks to the polymers obtained from recycled material, we create products that respect the environment and reduce the consumption of raw material from natural resources, thus reducing the carbon footprint. We make products that are good for society by transforming our products into recycled products. We eliminate waste from the environment by controlling the variability of the prices of raw materials in order to offer quality and products at reasonable prices, always thinking of our consumers and the environment.


We transform more than 30,000 tons of plastic material by injection, thermoforming and extrusion. We invest approximately 20 million Euros a year in R+D.

From the R+D+I Department we work on the permanent search for new materials and products that are increasingly respectful with the environment. We seek the optimisation of production systems with the use of new techniques and more ecological raw materials.

Environmental management system

To ensure compliance with environmental legislation, in 2008 we implemented an environmental management system in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard, in order to achieve and demonstrate a solid commitment to the environment by controlling the impacts of our activities, products and services on the environment. All the packaging sold by Sp-Berner is printed with the Punto Verde (Green Dot), which symbolises the company’s environmental commitment by adhering to Ecoembes.


The effective management of packaging waste of the products sold by Sp-Berner requires the collaboration and coordination of different agents participating in an Integrated Management System (IMS) for packaging and packaging waste. Thanks to this, it is possible to close the cycle: from the design and manufacture of packaging, and packaging, distribution and marketing of the product, to the recovery of packaging waste, and its transformation into a new raw material, thanks to recycling.


For this reason, Sp-Berner adheres to Ecoembes, a non-profit corporation that coordinates the Integrated Management System (IMS) for the recovery and recycling of used packaging and light packaging waste (plastic, metal and brik packaging) and paper-cardboard packaging. All the containers marketed by Sp-Berner are printed with the Punto Verde, which symbolises the company’s environmental commitment by adhering to Ecoembes, and compliance with Law 11/1997 on packaging and packaging waste.

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