SpBerner together with Shaf Recicled Furniture is the only European company with 50% of recycled plastic manufactured in its factory

Laura Puig
Comunicación en SP·Berner

“Life is Better Outdoors”. This is the new slogan of Shaf, the sustainable furniture brand which together with Sp-Berner now launches its Contract line.

The Valencian company, which is the national leader in the manufacture of industrial and consumption plastics, acquired the Italian brand Shaf five years ago. Shaf is dedicated to outdoor furniture and has now relaunched under the name “Shaf Recicled Furniture”, without losing its essence or its design, but managing to be the only European brand that manufactures this type of furniture with more than 50% recycled plastic in its own plants.

40% of its products are made from 100% recycled material

Sp-Berner collects post-use and industrial plastics from the consumption of bottles and  agricultural plastic waste (greenhouse film, cultivation thermal blanket, packing rope) and transports them in a factory created for this purpose, with crushing systems, washing and drying; optical classification, homogenization and granulation and in which the sewage is treated.

For the relaunching of Shaf Recicled Furniture, Sp-Berner has taken into account that València will be the world capital of design in 2022 and has chosen the renowned Valencian designer, Inma Bermúdez, to create a completely innovative new garden set that uses more than 50% recycled materials.

Sp-Berner has just turned 56, with a workforce of more than 1,000 employees and investing € 20 million a year in R&D. Sp-Berner is a one of a king company in Europe and transforms more than 50,000 tons per year by injection, thermoforming and extrusion. In addition, it recycles more than 30,000 tons of plastic annually and aims to recycle more plastic than it transforms before 2025, cleaning the planet of plastics and reducing CO2 emissions.

Sp-Berner is at the head of the companies that process most recycled materials nationwide and creates an almost unique working method in the world where the same company creates pieces and/or plastic products for consumption from plastic waste. It is the only European company that integrates recycling processes and their transformation into in-house designed products such as garden furniture, household cleaning items and interior decoration.

Next year, 50% of the total production will be made from recycled plastic

In 2017, Shaf won the European Award for the Best Recycled Plastic Product awarded by EPRO (European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organizations). Other garden furniture products, relevant for the combination of their innovative design with recycled materials, are the DIVA set as well as the recent launching of the NOVA set with rounded lines.

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