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It will produce two types of masks, one disposable for health personnel in accordance with the sector’s regulations. It will also manufacture a second model that is 100% recyclable, washable, sterilizable and reusable based on interchangeable filters, extending its life and guaranteeing the protection of the person.

Valencia – Monday, 6 April 2020.

Sp-Berner, the leading national and Southern European manufacturer of plastic products for households, will manufacture and donate masks to help in the biggest health crisis facing our country: COVID-19.  

The Valencian company has answered the call for solidarity and quickly organized an internal work group. More than 50 professionals from all areas of the company (innovation, engineering, design, R&D, die casting, automation, materials, packaging and production) are cooperating in this group to design and manufacture in less than two weeks the molds that will allow them to produce nearly 50,000 masks per month.

But in order to attain this goal Sp-Berner has not been alone, counting on the
cooperation with technological centers such as the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), which has provided the anatomical design on which the facial ergonomics of the mask is based. The ITENE technology center, the Regional Ministry of Health and the Scientific Park of the Miguel Hernández University have also contributed to this project to cooperate in the battle against COVID-19.

Jorge Escarpa, Sp-Berner’s General Business Director, comments that “In the battle against the coronavirus there are too many words and not enough actions. We must fight the pandemic together.” Je adds “it is in these difficult times that the best we have inside us comes out, both as individuals and as organizations.”

The first batch of masks to be donated to the competent authorities is scheduled for 15 April. Subsequently, they will be distributed throughout Spain and – once internal demand is covered – production will be expanded to the rest of Europe and to the rest of the world, since the virus we are facing has no borders. 

With this initiative, the company reinforces its commitment to society and business by manufacturing products that improve people’s quality of life and, in this case, able to help save lives. 


About Sp-Berner

Sp-Berner, which has just turned 56 and has more than 1,000 employees, invests 20 million euros a year in R&D, making it unique in Europe and transforming more than 50,000 tons a year through injection, thermoforming and extrusion. Moreover, it recycles more than 30,000 tons of plastic a year. The goal is to reach 40,000 tons of recycled plastic next year, and by 2025 recycle more plastic than it transforms, thus clearing the planet of plastics and having a negative impact on CO2. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis, at Sp-Berner the most important goal is “to protect all workers and take care of their health,” following the guidelines decreed by the Government and its Ministry of Health, under the motto “We are people first, as well as our health.” The company has taken extreme precautions in the workplace, adopting the necessary measures since it is considered an essential industry, being in operation because it is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of products considered necessary for the performance of essential sectors, recognized and protected in the Appendix of RDL 10/2020, of 29 March.

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