Sp-Berner joins Bram Industries to create Sp-Bramli

Comunicación en SP·Berner

Sp-Bramli is the birth of an alliance between Sp-Berner and the Israeli corporate group Bram Industries, with the main objective of introducing a new range of home products to the international market under the brand Life Story.

This joint venture forms part of the Sp-Berner 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan, with which we want to conquer new markets and reinforce our presence on the international market.

To do this, we will utilise a new warehouse in France, which will distribute this new line of products to Northern and Central Europe. This new logistical point will add 30,000m2 to the over 400,000m2 with which the company already operates.

This alliance will allow us to broaden the kitchen, organisational, waterproof and refrigerator categories in our catalogue.

This range of Life Story products will begin production in January 2020 in the Sp-Berner Valencian facilities. Their production will utilise injection and robotic technologies and latest-generation IML technologies.

Find out more about Bram Industries

Bram Industries Ltd. is a family-run Israeli corporate group founded in 1981. Bram Industries is listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange and works in the development, production and commercialisation of plastic products manufactured using injection-moulding technology.

The two main areas in which this corporate group is active are the food industry and industrial plastic packing solutions.

Bram Industries produces highly innovative products thanks to its investment in R+D+i and Marketing. Furthermore, its operations utilise the leading technologies on the market, enabling the corporate group to comply with the most demanding production standards.

Thanks to this, Bram Industries has become a cutting-edge leader in Israeli and American industry.

This joint venture has come about thanks to the significant investment we have made in seeking new growth opportunities.

Likewise, the alliance between Sp-Berner and Bram Industries entails a significant step forward in our continual international expansion. This agreement represents a turning point that allows our business to position and reinforce itself as a global reference point in plastic production.

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