SpBerner together with Shaf Recicled Furniture is the only European company with 50% of recycled plastic manufactured in its factory

"Life is Better Outdoors". This is the new slogan of Shaf, the sustainable furniture brand which together with Sp-Berner now launches its Contract line.

Sp-Berner is helping to reduce the amount of plastic in the sea

Each year, we use around five trillion single-use plastic bags. Every minute, we buy millions of plastic bottles. As a result, around 300 million tons of plastic waste is produced.

Sp-Berner: an injection of the future

Sp-Berner has coped with many changes since 1965 and that's why it's been constantly able to move forward towards new forms of business.

We're answering the call of nature

For decades, people have been warning us about the danger that our planet is facing. A danger that we have caused and that we are continuing to cause. But we've come to the end of the road, and now it’s time to act.

10 keys to being an eco-friendly citizen

Images often stir our conscience and the recent images of the Amazon burning, oceans filled with waste or the poles melting rapidly have directly hit the environmental consciousness of many.

PURE RECYCLED PLASTIC, a great step forward in the commitment of Sp-Berner to the environment

The plastic recycling project PURE RECYCLED PLASTIC has made us pioneers in collecting plastic of different origins from all over Spain and parts of southern Europe.

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