We’re answering the call of nature

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For decades, people have been warning us about the danger that our planet is facing. A danger that we have caused and that we are continuing to cause. But we’ve come to the end of the road, and now it’s time to act.

If we do not take the necessary steps and begin to do something, there will be no turning back: the Earth’s future will either green, or it will not exist at all.

Nowadays, more and more people are committed to solving this problem, and many organisations are launching initiatives to clean up and preserve the environment.

At Sp-Berner, we have been playing an active role in this responsibility for a long time. As we head into a new decade, we intend to increase our respect for nature.

Therefore, as a company that promotes sustainability and upcycling, we want to look to the future, take on new challenges and achieve our dream of taking complete responsibility for our environment.

Our goal: to have more than 50% of our products made from recycled materials

Currently, 40% of our products are made from 100% recycled material. SP-Berner is a pioneer in collecting plastics from locations all over Spain and southern Europe.

But we want to play an even bigger part in the clean-up of our planet.

In this new endeavour, we will seek to create a circular economy and work with the planet in an active and committed way. This will enable us to contribute to improving our planet, providing generations to come with a place that is worth living in.

As a symbol of our new beginning, our goal is to have more than 50% of our products made from recycled materials. And to achieve this, we are going to significantly invest in innovation and product development.

A committed team

Our company’s philosophy is to lead the way, applying creativity and design in our catalogue, always thinking about giving our products a second life and creating a complete life cycle.

There are more than 1000 individuals at Sp-Berner who are committed to the environment, and who will help us to achieve our goals.

We are taking the initiative together, to take care of tomorrow today.

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