A year full of successes

Comunicación en SP·Berner

Before welcoming the New Year, at Sp-Berner we review our 2019. A year which, thanks to effort and work has given us the opportunity to develop and move toward a better future.

People and Environment

Firstly, at Sp-Berner we have focused on the most important thing throughout this year: people.

Thanks to the Luna Project ,we have stood for values like talent, passion and humility. For over 50 years, we have wanted to promote teamwork and collaboration between different departments.

Moreover, internal promotion has transformed into a key pillar in our structure and applies to all areas.

The T’ Cuidamos program has been another of our 2019 projects. One of our priorities is to create healthy lifestyle habits and take care of the health of the entire Sp-Berner team. It is a 50-day program in which activities and workshops aimed at balancing our physical, mental and social well-being come together.

Other 2019 projects worth mentioning are Pure Recycled Plastic, which has transformed us into pioneers of plastic collection. 

This project is eight years old,  comprising all phases from design to the manufacturing process of products with recycled materials.

The purpose is to transform waste into objects of value and consolidate our solid environmental commitment.

In addition, on 28 November we received a visit from La2 of TVE at our Berner recycling plant at our facilities in Aldaya, one of the largest recycling plants in Europe.

We present our recycling processes, part of the equipment responsible for the day-to-day recycling of plastic, the facilities and the final product into which the recycled material is converted: our SHAF garden furniture.

New brands and projects

2019 has stood out with the launch of very innovative novelties, the restyling of our flagship brand, as well as new alliances that excite us and make us bigger. 

Spik Robots

During 2019 the definitive solution emerged to reach the most difficult corners in which it was not possible to remove dust. This solution has a name and surname: our Spik Robots

At Sp-Berner we are committed to innovation, so Spik Robots respond to a new strategy where we introduce the technology in our Tech product range. 

These products arose with the intention of saving our customers time and making people’s lives easier

Portable Campos Stack Refrigerators

On the other hand, you know that at Sp-Berner we work to improve and update our wide variety of products. Due to this reason, our work has involved the new Campos Stack refrigerators. A completely groundbreaking range both due to color and design. 


Sp-Bramli arose in 2019, an alliance between Sp-Berner and the Israeli business group Bram Industries, with the objective of launching onto the international market a new range of household products under the Life Story brand.


Likewise, Shaf, our garden and terrace furniture brand, has renewed its identity to reflect one hundred percent who we are, our values and each aspect of our service.

Logo Shaf recycled furniture

Fairs and Events

Spoga Gafa 2019 had a very positive balance. The best furniture fair in Europe, held in Cologne in September, had more than 40,000 professional visitors, senior officials and influencers from 124 countries.

During the fair we were able to confirm that our potential in the international market is clear. 

Sp-Berner was also at the Made From Plastic fair, attended by more than 6,500 professionals who were able to see first hand our innovative Pure Recycled Plastic project.

Moreover, Sp-Berner attended other international ferries like PLMA 2019 Amsterdam and the Ambiente Fair.

Not only that… we have sponsored and collaborated in renowned events like the Medusa Festival with our SHAF garden furniture, filling the spaces with our furniture for the comfort of attendees and guests, and as a launching point for our new Campos Stack portable refrigerators.

Both Shaf and Campos Stack brands were also at the regatta of XXI Queen’s Trophy at the Royal Nautical Club of Valencia.

Our products are also at numerous social events sharing values and brand culture.


During 2019, the investment of the social network launch of Sp-Berner and Shaf, our new corporate website and online sales in different marketplaces involve, in addition to an economic investment, an investment in digital talent in the Marketing and Communication department.

Generally, 2019 has been a year full of professional successes and a commitment to sustainability and the future.

Since 2013, at Sp-Berner we have invested around 100 million euros in order to protect the environment, create our own brands and grow in the international market.

… And we have the intention of continuing in this manner for many more years. Because the following is our commitment: the environment, people and providing market solutions that ease society’s everyday life.

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