10 keys to being an eco-friendly citizen

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Images often stir our conscience and the recent images of the Amazon burning, oceans filled with waste or the poles melting rapidly have directly hit the environmental consciousness of many.

Therefore, a lot of citizens want to do their bit and stop this accelerated climate change.

What can you do to look after the environment more? Here are 10 pieces of advice to turn you into an eco-friendly citizen


  1. Produce and use green energy

There’s more and more of a demand for energy and this, among other consequences, generates increasingly more CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. However, for several years there have been solutions to help us to save energy and help the planet. This is the use of renewable energy such as solar panels that allow for some electric self-consumption.

  1. Recycle

By recycling we save water, energy and raw materials. Contamination caused in the procurement process of raw materials is reduced. According to Ecoembes’s data, Spaniards recycle 78.8 % of the packaging that we consume.

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  1. Control the water you use at home

In Spain, the average water consumption per inhabitant was 136 litres per person per day in 2016, which is 3 % more than in the year 2014, as reflected in INE’s most recent data published.

There are already some solutions to avoid water waste in homes. An example is the Orbys project, funded by NASA. What is it? By means of a closed circuit, the hot water from the tap that goes to the drain is purified and becomes drinking water, this water is pumped again and comes out again through the shower. As a result, this saves 90 % of water and 80 % of energy.

  1. Use alternatives to cars

Whenever possible, it’s recommended that you use public transport, bikes or scooters. If you need to travel by car, the best thing to do is to share when possible.

To give you an idea of how much contamination cars cause, for each litre of fuel burned by the engine, an average of 2.5 kg. of CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

  1. Consume 0 km products

Decide consumir alimentos locales con certificación ecológica, en vez de uno que no es de temporada y ha viajado 3.000 km. en avión.  Al consumir alimentos frescos ayudarás al planeta y a tu salud.

  1. Disconnect electrodomestics that are not in use and switch off lights

It’s very common to leave the television on stand by or your phone charger plugged in with no device connected to it. Believe it or not, this consumes energy. Additionally, disconnecting these devices when we have finished using them can save up to 20 % on your electricity bill.

Another detail to consider is to switch off the lights in the rooms of the house when we are not in them. You will also notice it on your electricity bill.

  1. Use LED lightbulbs

Approximately 25 % of the energy consumed in every home is from lights.

LED lightbulbs have a duration of 70,000 hours and are much better than low-energy lightbulbs, since they contain mercury and must be treated as hazardous waste.

  1. Help to collect waste in nature

Any time you go to the countryside or to sunbathe at the beach, get into the habit of carrying a bag to take back all of your waste with you.

Join the trashtag movement and collect any waste that you find at the beach, in the mountains or by the riverside.

  1. Reduce the generation of organic waste

Freeze leftovers, takeaways or fresh products that you’re not going to eat before it goes off.

If you have a garden, you can also use household waste as manure.

  1. Maintain your house at a good temperature

If you turn on the heating, make sure that the doors are closed and the windows are insulated. These are the two areas where heat can escape.

Additionally, if you have a thermostat in your house, adjust it to the right temperature for summer and winter.

These 10 suggestions are easy to do and the value that they have for helping the environment is significant.

What do we do in Sp-Berner to be eco citizens?

Desde Sp-Berner también contribuimos en la ayuda a frenar el cambio climático a través de nuestro proyecto Pure Recycled Plastic ¿Sabes en qué consiste? Te lo contamos en el artículo Pure Recycled Plastic, un gran paso adelante en el compromiso de Sp-Berner con el medio ambiente.

These 10 suggestions are easy to do and the value that they have for helping the environment is significant.

At Sp-Berner, we also contribute to stopping climate change through our Pure Recycled Plastic project. Do you know what it is? We tell you all about it in the article XXX (link to the post).

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